Alien UFO over Chennai’s Tambaram or flashlight? You decide

“Last night, an unusual and mesmerizing light phenomenon illuminated the skies over Tambaram in Chennai, leaving the local residents in a state of awe and wonder. This extraordinary event unfolded around 7 pm, casting a surreal radiance across the Tambaram skyline. Promptly, residents grabbed their mobile phones to capture this captivating spectacle.

As they recorded the event, the luminous object followed a straight trajectory through the heavens before vanishing abruptly. While the authenticity of the recorded video remains unverified, it has piqued the curiosity of the local community, with some speculating that it might be a flying saucer. However, experts in space science have dismissed this notion, suggesting that the phenomenon more closely resembled a powerful flashlight than an extraterrestrial craft.

This occurrence has raised questions about whether it was an alien spacecraft or a natural optical illusion. While these mysteries persist, reports of unexplained lights and aerial phenomena have emerged worldwide, including in the United States. Notably, a few weeks ago, IPS officer Pradeep V Philip reported witnessing four flying saucers in the Muttukadu area along Chennai’s East Coast Road. He emphasized that these objects bore no resemblance to drones and disappeared within a mere 20 to 25 seconds.

Currently, the search for answers continues, with eager anticipation for an official response that can shed light on this enigmatic event.”

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